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Amidst the scorching summer sun, the visit of city leaders feels like a refreshing breeze.

Hangzhou Vice Mayor Miao Chengchao and his delegation visited the Zaopin St Kuwait project department.

    On Monday, August 7, 2023, Hangzhou Vice Mayor Miao Chengchao, Director of the Hangzhou Urban and Rural Construction Committee Lou Jianzhong, Director of the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Parks and Cultural Relics Gao Xiaohui, Su Meng from the Hangzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, and Zhang Geyuan from the Hangzhou Municipal Government Office visited the Zaopin St Kuwait project department in Kuwait. Zaopin St founder Dai Baiping reported on the company's development in Kuwait.

    Since its establishment in 2014, Hangzhou Zaopin has focused on the research and development of oil sludge treatment technology for nine years, becoming a leader in the industry. In 2021, it won the SKETR-Z2 section project of the global tender for Kuwait oil-contaminated soil remediation, which was the only successful bid among more than ten Chinese companies at that time, with a bid amount of $187.5 million. Currently, it holds three project orders in Kuwait, with a total amount exceeding 2 billion RMB.

    Vice Mayor Miao commended Zaopin ST for obtaining such a large project overseas with its core technology. He pointed out that enterprises should seize opportunities, accelerate the export of technology abroad, enhance their comprehensive competitiveness and brand influence, and truly become representatives of the new generation of Zhejiang merchants.