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R&D Team

Hangzhou Zaopin ST Ltd., Co is a high-tech environmental protection industry enterprise that integrates production, learning and research. The company adheres to technological innovation, focusing on the introduction of R & D talent, the establishment of high-quality R & D team. Since its establishment, the company has invested more than 80 million dollars in technology research and development, and has a technical team of 150 people, including 40 core personnel (3 PhDs, 11 masters, 25 undergraduates). The specialties cover chemistry, microbiology, environmental engineering, hydrogeology, electrical, etc. At the same time, the enterprise has highly qualified professional design engineers and after-sales service engineers with professional experience in research, design and system integration, and has nearly 15 patents on the research and development of system application technology.

Zaopin Technology is committed to solving the problem of  Petroleum hydrocarbon contamination treatment in China and the world. In the field of oil sludge ecological treatment technology, the Tri-color cleaner that we use is combined with the soil washing system and is with irreplaceable achievements. The technology has been successfully applied in the Jianghan oil sludge, Karamay oil sludge, and Dongying oil sludge projects. We provide mobile solutions for the recovery and treatment of landed oil sludge, tank bottom oil sludge, aging oil sludge and refining oil sludge.

Now our research and development has been extended to the field of high concentration petroleum hydrocarbons, high concentration benzene, Pesticide residue contamination sources, water pollution remediation. The Tri-color cleaner we developed is 100% from plant extracts and does not produce secondary pollution.

The technology owned by ZaoPin Technology has been fully industrialized and forming an wide range of applications in the industry. ZaoPin Technology always adheres to the criterion of green ecological and environmental protection, focuses on the development and exploitation of the environmental protection in China and the world, and aspires to be the pioneer and leader of the industry.