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Oil lake treatment

Oil lake treatment (highly oily silt washing and oil recovery)


Oil lake1 Oil lake2

2、Oil lake water washing equipment 3D view

3、Oil recovery processBS&W2%

Zaopin ST has the strongest (Wash & Emulsion Breaking) technology, which emulsifies and reduces at the same time during the washing process.

Oil recovery>99%

4、ZH-201 demulsifier

ZH-201 series demulsifier is a series of demulsifier specially developed and synthesized by Zaopin ST chemical laboratory according to different components of aging oil. The surfactants contained in the emulsion can quickly break the emulsified liquid structure, so that different phases can be separated. PSI hydrophilic and lipophilic chemical action removes oil and water from the emulsified oil-water mixture, so as to achieve the purpose of dehydration of crude oil, and to ensure the standard of water and solid content of crude oil export.

Integrated oil purification system 3D view