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TPH contaminated soil washing technology

1、The first generation washing technology

(1)Process flow diagram

(2)The first generation washing system 3D view

(3)  Equipment on-site photoszone-2

5 sets of equipment for co-production, with a total capacity of 500 tons/day

(4)  Test

2、The second generation washing technology

ultra-large capacity, single set of equipment capacity 500 tons/days

(1)  Overview

ZAOPINST-KOC-type water washing system is an optimized scheme developed by ZAOPINST during the implementation of the KOC project. Compared to the original plan, the optimized scheme is expected to achieve a production capacity of 500 tons per day per unit of equipment. The equipment process is simpler, and after successful pilot experiments and tests, it is anticipated to have a profound impact on the remediation of KOC soil (water washing), accelerating the overall remediation progress.

(2)  Technological Process

(3)  The second generation washing system 3D view

(4)  Process Description

The ZAOPINST-KOC II water washing system is primarily designed for the remediation of KOC petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH 5-10%) contaminated soil. Simultaneously, it can also serve as a pre-treatment design for highly oily lake sludge.

In the process of washing, under the action of cleaning agent and >85% temperature, oil that sticks to the sand will keep peeling away, then eventually gathers on the upper layer surface of the cleaning water. The slick will be performed oil-water separation when collected by slick collector installed on the cleaning skid, then the separated oil will be pumped to a storage tank, and the separated water will be returned to the cleaning skid.

Before washing                                                                                                                   After washing