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Professor Shi Jiachun From Zhejiang University Gave Lessons In Zaopin

In 2011, after an incident blood lead” happened in Taizhou road and bridge, which is the worst heavy metal pollution incident in Zhejiang recent years. Taizhou, as a largest imported market, dismantled output is worth up to 20 billion from the Scrap metal refuse. While creating mountains of gold and silver, environmental issues exacerbated accordingly.

On May 30, 2018, at the invitation of Zaopin St Co., Ltd., Professor Shi Jiachun, a Ph.D., associate professor, and master supervisor at Zhejiang University, delivered an introductory lecture titled "Remediation Techniques for Heavy Metal Pollution in Farmland" in the conference room. Professor Shi Jiachun utilized rigorous investigation data starting from the nationwide soil survey, introducing professional terminologies such as soil cadmium pollution, soil acidification, and various soil cadmium blocking methods, providing detailed explanations. Simultaneously, thorough analysis was conducted through abundant data and examples, offering comprehensive explanations on the process, current stage of development, and future prospects. This deepened the understanding of soil heavy metal pollution among members of our project department, enabling them to comprehend the issues facing the land they inhabit, as well as the responsibilities and future development of the industry they are engaged in.

During the course of the lecture, Professor Shi Jiachun constantly engaged in interactive dialogue with members of the project department, using questioning and answering as a form of interaction. Leveraging his witty and humorous language, he seamlessly connected complex environmental science knowledge with everyday life, greatly enhancing the enthusiasm for learning among the members. They were captivated by Professor Shi's unique teaching style and insightful academic perspectives, resulting in a lively atmosphere on-site.

Before concluding the introductory lecture, Professor Shi Jiachun and the project department members engaged in extensive discussions regarding the safe utilization of farmland soil contaminated by cadmium, agronomic regulation, low-variety cadmium blocking, as well as the current status and issues of pollution remediation techniques both domestically and internationally.