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Bioremediation of TPH contaminated soil

Bioremediation of TPH contaminated soil (applicable to TPH<5%)

1、Indigenous bacteria biomass remediation solutions 1

2、 Zone-2 remediation site

3、 Bio-reactor maintenance conditions

first water supplement surfactant microbial agent turning over the soil NPK addition
6% 0.1% 0.1%
2-3 days 15:5:1

4、KOC oil contaminated soil remediation (efficient petroleum hydrocarbon degradation microbial agent community & fermentation technology)

Functional degradation agent strain screening and microbial agent preparation:

1) more than 1900 strains that can degrade alkances, sycloalkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons and asphaltenes are screened;

2) different strains formulation system, according to the degradation performance as the index to form a microbial agent

5、 Skid-mounted fermentation system

KOC/ZONE-2 On-site fermentation system

  • Secondary fermentation system:

fermentation cylinder 200L—5000L;

  • Structure composition:

3 main fermenters, air-compressor air pressure system, hot & cold water circulation system and steam generation system;

  • Advantages:

all module installations are done in the factory, ready to use when power on at the project site, easy to transport;

  • Daily output:

8000L-9000L(80% of the load);

  • Application scenarios:

overseas project, remote mountain area project, plateau project, etc.