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National Petroleum Hydrocarbon Microbial Degradation Technology Closed-Door Expert Seminar

As the economy continues to develop, energy has become a crucial pillar of economic growth. However, the ever-increasing energy consumption inevitably leads to pollution of the environment upon which we depend for survival. According to data from the China Industrial Research Institute, global production and consumption of petroleum have been increasing steadily each year. Such high levels of petroleum production and consumption are bound to result in pollution during the processes of extraction, transportation, and refining.

The pollution is shocking, and the need for remediation is urgent!

Against the backdrop of such a global environment, the only sponsored event by Hangzhou Zaopin St Co., Ltd., the National Symposium on Petroleum Hydrocarbon Microbial Degradation Technology Experts, will be held on November 13th. The purpose of this conference is to promote further collaboration among enterprises, universities, and research institutions in the field of petroleum hydrocarbon microbial degradation technology, contributing to pollution control efforts for petroleum both nationally and globally.

TPH Microbial Degradation

The research and development of TPH degradation have always been a hot topic in the environmental microbiology research community.

√ This symposium brings together more than 40 domestic experts and scholars from universities and research institutes specializing in microbial degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons to discuss in-depth topics related to petroleum hydrocarbon degradation for the first time.

√ Zaopin's research and development team provides over 30 categories of globally oil-contaminated soil samples for this symposium, collaborating to develop highly efficient degradation strains.

Closed-door Symposium

This symposium is solely initiated by Hangzhou Zaopin St Co., Ltd. All participants attend by invitation only, and no active applications for attendance from organizations, groups, or individuals are accepted.