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Chairmen of the Standing Committees of the People's Congress of Qiantang District and Fuyang District Jointly Visit Zaopin and Participate in Company Symposium

    On October 19th, Ruan Chonghui, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Hangzhou Qiantang District, and Xu Linliang, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Fuyang District, visited and inspected Hangzhou Zaopin St Co., Ltd. Accompanying them were four other leaders, including the main responsible person of Baiyang Street Working Committee. The purpose of the visit was to conduct an on-site inspection of the enterprise.

    Accompanied by Yang Changtian, Chief Financial Officer of Zaopin St, and Gao Xiaofang, Deputy General Manager, the two directors and their delegation visited the Hangzhou Zaopin laboratory, research and development office, and other departments. They highly praised Zaopin's business and technological level, especially acknowledging the leading position of the oil sludge treatment business in the industry. They also recognized the significant effectiveness of the independently developed tricolor degradation agent in soil restoration and cost reduction, which greatly improved the company's market share. Zaopin's professional focus and pursuit of excellence in corporate culture received unanimous praise from the visiting leaders.

    During the visit, the two directors had full and effective communication and exchanges with Chief Financial Officer Yang, and after listening carefully to the development status, current situation, and difficulties faced by Zaopin, they provided valuable suggestions for the company's future development direction.

    Director Ruan mentioned that it is inevitable for enterprises to encounter difficulties and problems in the process of market economic development, especially under the current epidemic situation. However, being able to reach today proves that the enterprise itself has the function of self-renewal and self-development. The leaders present also agreed with this statement. After hearing this, Chief Yang expressed that this visit not only made us feel the concern of the leaders but also strengthened our confidence in doing a good job and strengthening the enterprise. In the future, we must redouble our efforts to fulfill the social responsibilities and obligations of the enterprise.