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Premier Li Qiang Visited Zaopin St Co., Ltd.

Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council Li Qiang conducted research in Zhejiang from October 7th to 9th. At the Qiantang District Enterprise Comprehensive Service Center, Premier Li Keqiang held a discussion with our company's CFO, Yang Changtian.

During the discussion, Premier Li Qiang inquired about the company's development, business situation, and technological research and development, particularly asking about the current difficulties faced by the enterprise. CFO Yang introduced the company's participation in bidding for the first section of the world's largest soil remediation project in 2020 - the Kuwait oil-contaminated soil treatment project caused by the Gulf War, in which the company won the bid with a contract amount of $185 million. As of now, the company has won three sections of this project, with a total amount of $250 million. The excellent construction performance has been highly recognized by the project owner, Kuwait Petroleum Company. At the current stage, the biggest difficulty for the private enterprise as a startup company is the shortage of funds. After understanding this situation, the Qiantang District government specially coordinated relevant departments to provide "customized" financial services for the company, solving practical difficulties. After hearing the report, Premier Li Qiang praised Zaopin Company for its core competitiveness in technological innovation and expressed congratulations on its repeated orders in overseas markets. At the end of the discussion, Premier Li Qiang kindly said again: "Wish Zaopin Company success in its overseas major projects!"